Pamper Your Mom at Bella Reina Spa for Mother’s Day!

Bella Reina Spa in Delray Beach, FL

For those of you trying to scramble last-minute for Mother’s Day gift ideas, Bella Reina spa in Delray Beach will NOT disappoint. Besides, who wouldn’t appreciate a spa gift card?!

I had the pleasure of going to Bella Reina for the first time earlier this week. The service I had done was the couture facial by Jessica, who was absolutely wonderful!

After changing into a white body wrap in a cozy dimly-lit room, Jessica arrived and quickly went over what it was I wanted to accomplish during my spa visit. Of course, stress reduction and relaxation! Hello to all the moms out there (waves!)

Bella Reina uses Skin Script products (an Arizona-based line) and started me off with the Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser and followed it up with the Raspberry Refining Cleanser. By the way, Bella Reina sells these products on their site

After lathering my face with a blueberry enzyme, a cucumber toner was applied. According to Jessica, the toner (which can be used at morning and night) is hydrating and balances out the skin’s ph levels. For a brief moment, peppermint oil was placed close to the nostrils to inhale, further enhancing the calming experience. Jojoba oil was then massaged into my face, followed by the Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum. Hey, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, this Florida sun is serious! The interesting thing that I learned about Bella Reina is that they do not use steam for their facials. They use hot towels instead. The Peptide Eye Cream was applied, followed by a much needed shoulder and neck massage, which was definitely relaxing.

Overall, the duration of the spa visit was close to an hour. Many of you probably spend that same amount of time (or more) commuting to and from work, watching Netflix and/or indulging in social media. Trust me, Bella Reina is worth the time. Your mom, aunty, friend or whoever will definitely appreciate the visit not just on Mother’s Day but any day.

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