I know it’s been forever and a day since my last blog post. It’s been so much going on in my world (more on that in another blog entry). Well, March is National Nutrition Month and I felt inspired to create a health-related post. One of my latest goals is […]

Five Simple Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Lately, I’ve been getting into using essential oils. They are a great natural alternative to use as cleaning agents for the home without the harsh chemicals. Essential oils can also help alleviate common ailments and are known to relax the mind and body. I personally use the oils topically or […]

5 Essential Oils You Should Always Have at Home

INFLUENCERS: REPRESENT (REP) YOUR CITY! JESSICA C. ANDREWS NEW YORK CITY I’m excited to announce that each month, I will feature an “influencer” from various cities! Jessica C. Andrews of Glamzonsblog.com immediately came to mind when I thought of who I wanted to feature for New York. A fashion journalist extraordinaire, […]